Naruto Fans

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This is a community for fans of the manga and anime known as Naruto.

Posting Rules:

1) Posts MUST be community related.
2) Large images should be behind a lj-cut. (use your own discretion)
3) When posting more than 3 images, lj-cut must be used.
4) Use you own discretion if posting a fan-fic. If its a long one or a dirty one, it must be behind a lj-cut.
5) No flaming!
6) No advertising unless its Naruto related.

What You May Contribute:

1) LJ, AIM, or otherwise miscellaneous icons.
2) Links to cool Naruto sites.
3) Questions about the series.
4) Fanart.
5) Quizzes.
6) Anything else you can think of.



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